What is COR?
COR at 220 East is a vibrant event venue and community center sponsored by the four Catholic Parishes in Waterloo.  The mission of COR is to bring the Church and the broader community in closer contact with each other. 
What is offered at COR?
We want the broader community to use the space as a venue for events such as art shows, music concerts, fundraisers, meetings etc.  We will consider any event that does not conflict with the teachings of our Church.
We also offer opportunities for the community to engage the Church.  Whether you are not currently connected with a religious community due to broken trust, hurtful experiences, skepticism, apathy, or indifference, or you are involved in your church, we welcome all to our faith formation programs.  We desire to hear your unique story, discuss your questions and concerns, and walk a bit of this life’s journey with you.

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