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Free the Strange: Art by Andrea Berns

These pieces of art were inspired by the artist's experiences with mental illness, specifically anxiety, visual distortions/hallucinations, and the highs and lows of bipolar disorder.  Andrea turns to art and writing to create beauty out of her ugly experiences in order to help break the stigma associated with mental illness.  She is also a partner for #ProjectIAmNotAshamed, a worldwide movement occurring on August 18 dedicated to breaking the stigma of mental illness one person at a time.  

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Jeanie Steffey


Jeanie Steffey began painting and drawing early in her school life.  Mostly she painted horses before she got some help and encouragement from her aunt who was a professional artist who attended The Chicago Art Institute. 
Jeanie majored in painting and finished her BFA (bachelors of fine art) at East Carolina University in Greenville, North Carolina.  She took art history, life drawing, and painting as part of her study.  She has shown her work at juried shows at galleries in North Carolina, Denver, Colorado, Minnesota, and Iowa.  She has been in solo and group shows.  She has painted for over fifty years and has been encouraged by her aunt, family members, teachers, and other artists. 
Jeanie loves color and painting with acrylic paints which allows her to paint over mistakes without waiting a long time for the paint to dry.  She also loves painting on large canvases so she can move the brushes in gestural strokes.  She refers to herself as an expressive painter. 
The paintings displayed in COR do not have a singular theme.  The two yellow paintings are about fall, sunshine, and leaves.  The biggest painting is about Mayflies near the Mississippi River where Jeanie grew up.  The other paintings are about swimming and bicycling.  There is a painting of a stall door from a horse’s point of view and another painting is a wondering about religion and the world.  Jeanie encourages the viewer to see what they see.