Discussion Nights

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    Monday, July 16th, 7pm @ COR at 220 East

    Topic: "Prayer: Our Relationship to God"

    220 E 4th St. Waterloo
    Located 2 doors down from Screamin' Eagle Bar & Grill, downtown Waterloo.
    Parking is in the front on the street or in the back parking lot off of Lafayette St.  

  • Description

    Held monthly

    Our monthly discussion nights provide an opportunity for all to dialogue about a particular topic. The topic is framed by the Catholic perspective, yet all viewpoints are welcome to be shared and expressed. These are perfect opportunities for skeptics, questioning Christians, atheists, agnostics, and Catholic seekers, to learn more about the Catholic faith. It is a forum for those who are interested in becoming Catholic or in simply discovering more about Catholic thought on relevant issues. It is a place for Catholics to bring their friends, family members, significant others, and spouses to help them understand why they are Catholic. Finally long-time Catholics are invited to grow even deeper in the faith they hold as their own.
    A facilitator will lead each discussion night, posing points to ponder and questions to be discussed.