Friends & Family Members of LGBT Catholics

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Wednesday, May 29, 2019, 7-8 pm @ COR at 220 East

220 E 4th St. Waterloo
Located 2 doors down from Screamin' Eagle Bar & Grill, downtown Waterloo.
Parking is in the front on the street or in the back parking lot off of Lafayette St.



This discussion group is open to family members and friends of gay or lesbian Catholics who want to talk about the opportunities and challenges of supporting a loved one who is gay or lesbian.  The purpose of the group is not to debate the Church's teaching on homosexuality but to explore why and how Catholic family members and friends can support and affirm gay or lesbian loved ones.

In their pastoral letter "Always Our Children," the U.S. bishops wrote: "...We draw upon the gift of faith as well as the sound teaching and pastoral practice of the Church to offer loving support, reliable guidance, and recommendations for ministries suited to your needs and to those of your child. Our message speaks of accepting yourself, your beliefs and values, your questions, and all you may be struggling with at this moment; accepting and loving your child as a gift of God; and accepting the full truth of God's revelation about the dignity of the human person and the meaning of human sexuality.
Within the Catholic moral vision there is no contradiction among these levels of acceptance, for truth and love are not opposed. They are inseparably joined and rooted in one person, Jesus Christ, who reveals God to be ultimate truth and saving love."

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Meets twice a year or by request, 7-8 pm at COR
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   * August 29, 2018